My First Choice When Looking For A Home In New York City Was Town Residential

I remember when I was young, I would go through Central Park and bike ride with my parents on NYC real estate, and I’ve even been to several concerts in the park as well. Central Park has been a big part of my upbringing, and my family has even held events in the park as well. I’ve seen aerial views of Central Park while I was in a helicopter, and I always remembered wanting to have a home that overlooks Central Park. I thought that if God wanted to make a paradise on earth, he would start by putting together an amazing looking place like Central Park.

Although I was naïve as a child, I still really loved looking at the park up close or from a distance. I’m all grown up now, and I’m looking for my own place, but I still have Central Park in mind. Not only do I want a nice place, but I would love to have a home that overlooks Central Park because there are tons of homes that have a view of the park. The best thing about Central Park is the fact that it covers so many acres, and there are tons of homes that can see the park whether it’s down low or up high.

I plan on getting a high-rise home so I can walk out on my balcony and look at the park. Since I’m a native of New York City, I knew where I would go when it came time to looking for real estate because I had even discussed it with my parents. I’ve been saving up for a long time, and I can afford pretty much any place that I want, so location is the only thing I was worried about. Although I would love a home that overlooks Central Park, I just wanted a high-rise home.

I gave Town Residential a call because they are who my parents worked with when they got into their home recently, and I liked how they dealt with my parents. Not only does Town Residential, go out of their way when it comes time to help someone find a home, but they have an exclusive list of homes that are difficult to find anywhere else. I had a great agent from Town Residential, who was willing to help me any way she could, and she made me feel comfortable with my choice of a new home. I know that if I had worked with any other real estate company, I wouldn’t have found this great home in New York City. I’m grateful that Town Residential was there for me in my time of need, and I would use them again in the future.My First Choice When Looking For A Home In New York City Was Town Residential

Dan Newlin: Personal Injury Law’s Superman

When Dan Newlin was 20 years old he began a career in law enforcement. Dan probably had goals to rise up the ranks of the judicial branch, but it’s doubtful that Mr. Newlin would have ever guessed that he would be head of possibly the most successful law firm that deals with personal injury in the entire state of Florida, however, Dan did have quite a journey from a 20 year old rookie cop to powerhouse lawyer. Check out Dan Newlin on

When he was 20 he started at the New Chicago Police and Fire Department. While he was there he did everything by the book, and he was well liked by his fellow employees and his superiors. His personality and outstanding work ethic eventually was talked about and the stories about his professionalism reached the ears of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The time Dan Newlin spent at that job wasn’t any different than his his last job in terms of his superior work ethic. He spent a decade in Orlando, Florida at the Orange County Sheriff’s office and before he left he became the very important position of Sheriff’s Detective. Dan Newlin did a number of jobs at that position. He handled grand theft auto details, worked in narcotics and finally became a detective that tracked fugitives, and Dan was particularly good at that aspect of his job considering he captured almost 1000 fugitives from justice during that tenure. Dan Newlin also has the proof that he was, and still is, good at everything he does.

When Dan Newlin was the fugitive detective he was awarded several times for various things because he always went the extra mile and exhausted his brain and resources to keep Florida a safer place. His performance and awards were so impressive that they didn’t go unnoticed by the United States’ Marshals either, and to be recognized by the U.S. Marshals is a monumental honor in the field of law enforcement.

Dan Newlin knew he was ready to take the next step so he began attending the University of Florida where he he surprised no one by doing well. That facet of his life began in 1997 and in the year 2000 he graduated from law school, and today he owns a self titled firm called the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. He had a meager start, but now he’s collected over $150 million total for his clients, and he can practice law in Illinois and Florida. If anyone has ever been injured, then to seek a free consultation with the prestigious firms of Dan Newlin just visit The consultations are free and Dan Newlin and his partners have the power to get you compensated and taken care of.

Squaw Valley Ski Really POPS


Great improvements are ahead for skiers in the Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows mountain valley communities. Private lands have been acquired for right of way between the two ski areas by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. The plans will now move forward to create base to base access via gondola ride instead of car rides to both Olympic Valley ski mountains. Rides in gondola will allow skiers to participate on either side with the use of one lift ticket or a season pass. The car can be left parked at either side as it will no longer be needed for visits to either of the ski slopes.

The dreams of skiers in Lake Tahoe Ski resort areas have finally come true. The idea of this connectivity between the two iconic ski areas has been a hot topic for decades. It has finally come to fruition under the leadership of Andy Wirth, the newly appointed president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. “Over the last four years, we’ve made significant improvements to enhance the skier experience at both Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows.” Andy Wirth through his career has been in the mountain resort and hotels industry. Andy graduated from Colorado State University. Although born in Nuebrucke, West Germany, he came to the United States for his bachelor’s degree. He absolutely loves the high altitudes and the Rocky Mountain National Parks, so much that he spent time as a park ranger of the San Pedro Parks Wilderness.

This new development can be seen as a green alternative and minimization of the carbon foot print as vehicle traffic will be greatly reduced. Gondola traffic will be the new mode of transportation between these fabulous world class ski resorts. The two partners of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows struck an agreement with Troy Caldwell, the owner of “White Wolf,” the bridging passage of private land. The deal took place in the spring of 2015. Although still in the application stage, the project of the gondola connection is approaching a break ground date. Placer County and the United States Forest Service will be processing the Requests For Proposals. Not only was this a dream come true for the skiers but for Caldwell, who states that he is very pleased. “I’ve waited years for this to happen, and am pleased to have reached an agreement with Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to allow skiers and riders to easily move between these two incredible mountains.”


An Eye For Winning Pieces

Art collectors know that collecting great works is much more than about money. Not only is it about a piece that tows at your emotions but it consists of being aware of the genre you prefer, creating relationships with various dealers and keeping up to date on your favorite artists’ creations.

One person in particular who possesses a connection between art pieces and comprehends the notions of what the artist is saying is Adam Sender, a Wall Street hedge fund manager genius who began collecting art works that feature some very confrontational pieces. This hedge fund tycoon initially started collecting art back in 1998, at a time when he left his position at SAC Capital Advisors LP and created his hedge fund business.

Similar to choosing the best investments, Senders happens to have a sharp eye which helps him to pick out great art pieces (and investments). His large collection contains pieces by beginning artists, which can actually be beneficial as not only do these pieces tend to be more affordable but emerging artist works can present a way to become familiar and involved with their unique talent. Sender owns pieces by some young artists such as Rashid Johnson who photographs and sculpts using a variety of common materials such shea butter bricks, wax, steel and wood. You can also find works in Sender’s collection by the contemporary artist Diana Al-Hadid who uses various forms of media to produce her drawings and sculptures.

While browsing through Adam Sender’s offices or homes, one will come across pieces by established artists such as Britain’s Sarah Lucas whose matchless sense of humor absorbs in her collages and photographic pieces; the sculptured works of Matthew Barney can also be seen, as well as the ambitiousness of Chris Ofili whose opulently arranged works occasionally combine waves of color with a touch of glitter. A good many of these pieces by these artists have never even been offered for public viewing in the U.S.

For those considering collecting their own art pieces, the best time to start is the present. Some genres in particular such as contemporary European works have gone up in value however the values for most areas have remained below the high values stemming from the 1980’s. Do your homework and be careful that you are aware of the investment that required as it can be expensive and you are not guaranteed that your chosen pieces will rise in value. If you are very new to art collecting, you might start out by focusing on only one specific genre which will allow individuals to acquire solid knowledge and expertise in one area, before going on to the next sector. Adam Sender is a well known CEO and leader in his field.

The Economists Add Insight

How many leaders actually listen to their team of economists? It is a known fact that the President of the United States ignored the team of economists that he tasked to craft a strategy out of the Bank Meltdown of 2008. The question is, how useful is an economic strategy and how can a leader force him or herself to follow the advisers that have been commissioned to solve these problems?

Does an economist have the ability to craft an economic strategy that will be successful or are these usually pie in the sky and impossible to put into action due to many other competing interests and factions of influence such as political forces, pandering law makers, tax and spenders to name a few? Does an economist have a purpose in a socialist government? Socialism is central government with central planning boards that dictate to all business sectors how things should be done. The economists would most likely be tasked with economic plans that sponge as much revenue away from business and towards government coffers so that the many entitlement programs can be sustained.

Christian Broda is an economist of great merit. As Managing Director for Duquesne Capital Management, he has been given the reins to crafting risk mitigation in economic strategies for the benefit of their many clients. Previous to his position at Duquesne, he was Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago. Doctor Boda has published many journal articles and books on the topic of international trade and financial strategy for top journals such as the American Economic Review and the Quarterly Journal of Economics. The National Science Foundation has awarded grants to his research in the years of 2005 and 2008.

His other private sector positions have been equally impressive as he served as Chief International Economist for Lehman Brothers. He also served at Barclays as the head of International Research. He was appointed the Head of International Research at Columbia University and at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Christian Boda is much respected and heralded in the economic circles where experts expound on the best path to take to solve the world’s economic woes. His publications have been so impressive that the Journal of Development keeps him on staff as one of their associate editors. He is also on the faculty of the National Bureau of Economic Research. He is also a co-editor for the International Monetary Fund’s Economic Review. Since he has such great wisdom on the international front, he is also a member of the Latin American Association Economia journal. What the world and United States could use is a leadership that would listen and act on the well informed and scholarly wisdom of top economists as Christian Boda.

Benefits of Talent Marketing

If you think that talent marketing is yet another scheme for making money off of people’s hopes and dreams, think again! It takes a professional talent marketing agent on your team in order to gain the most exposure and notoriety that you want and deserve.

What can a Talent Marketing Pro do for you?

With the help of a talent marketing professional it is much easier to get your name out there and tell the world what you can do. They know the in’s and the out’s of marketing your skill and help you enhance your career in a very short amount of time. It doesn’t really matter what kind of talent that you offer to the world. A talent marketing professional can help you get your name out there.

When you have a talent marketer on your side you can learn about jobs that fit your genre, gain awesome promotional exposure, spread your name to the world and more. There are definitely a number of benefits that you can enjoy with the help of this professional.

No matter what kind of talent you have – be it dancing, singing, playing the piano or performing amazing tricks, there is a market out there for it if you know how to find it. Talent agents know how to find the positions that you want and they go above and beyond to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking to find.

The best Name in Talent Marketing

Susan McGalla is one example of a successful talent marketing professional. McGalla served as the American Eagle Outfitters president for many years and was also CEO at Wet Seal. She is on many different boards and continually strives to improve the quality of her life and the brands that she works for on a daily basis. McGalla gets to know her clients on a personal level, ensuring that the right marketing tips and tricks are implored in order to get the most exposure possible. McGalla is a true professional in the talent management field who can serve your needs perfectly.

Final Thoughts

If you’re tried of hiring your talent, now is the time to find a great agent to handle your needs. With the help of a talent marketing agent you can certainly get where you want to be with your talent. Do not let the opportunities pass you by!

Jamie Garcia Dias Shows his Passion for Literature

Jamie Garcia Dias was born in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He has received the Brazil Dummy Literature Award. This would be the ABC Award itself. He is a 45 year old writer that does have a collection of awards within the literary world. He may have developed finely tuned writing skills due to the fact that his writing journey started when he was 15 years old. His inspiration may have come from his own father who is Garcia Dulce Dias. His father is also a writer. His father was a journalist who proved to be a grand mentor to Jamie. Writing might simply be in his blood. He is indeed a superb writer that is deserving of the awards that he has received.

A Lover of Books
Jamie may contribute his writing skills to the fact that he has always had a passion for reading literature. It is a love of reading that may have played a large role in his writing ability. He had inherited a large amount of books from his father that he used as methods of study. It cannot be denied the fact that Jamie Garcia Dias is a big lover of books.

Brazilian Literature
Jamie is well versed and definitely qualified to be a writer as well as to have received awards for his writings. He did become the vice president of the biggest gyms that are dedicated to Brazilian literature. He was only 30 years old when he had already launched over ten books. Jamie has become one of the top and leading writers of Brazil fiction literature.

An Inspiration
This is an individual who has achievements that prove to be inspiring. He also very simply inspires others to reach to a higher level. His entire life is an inspiration to those around him. This is a person who does have a passion for literature. He might just be an inspiration for reading and writing in general. Jamie Garcia Dias is an overall inspiration.

Why Beneful Deserves to Succeed

When it comes to a dog food brand, that brand needs to offer great products and also good advertising. When a company wishes to succeed, they need to be offering the kind of product and advertising that individuals are looking for. A company like Beneful knows what they are doing, and they deserve to succeed.

Beneful on Purinastore offers the kind of dog food that pets and their owners appreciate, and they also offer great advertising. This brand knows how to put out the products and ads that individuals are looking for, and they deserve the kind of success that comes to a company that is doing the right thing. When it comes to Beneful, they offer pet products that are healthy and tasty, and they offer the kinds of ads for those products that draw attention. This brand knows what they should be doing, and they do that right. This brand deserves success.

The Story of India’s Largest Towel Manufacturer

Welspun is a brand most people have never heard of, but their towels reside in most American households. According to data from Welspun one in every seven towels sold in America comes from one of their two factories. Inside their showroom in New York City, the Indian textile company makes deals with many of the largest retailers in the country including Wal Mart and Macy’s.

American textile companies under Kenneth Griffin held a worldwide dominance until 2005. That year, the import quotes which helped keep American companies on top were abolished. India has profited greatly from this opening. The country is about to pass China as the world’s largest producer of raw cotton, and the low tech nature of the textile industry means that developing nations can easily enter the market. Most of India’s economy has moved away from manufacturing. Bars and restaurants thrive where old factories used to stand. Welspun is one of the few companies to be able to stay profitable in the textile industry in the modern India.

One of the keys to Welspuns success is their state of the art factory. It covers 800 acres and has a crew of 14000. The factory produces 90 tons of textiles every day. Welpsun was a relatively unknown company outside of India until Wal Mart buyers made the trek on the one lane road to the factory. The pristine facility impressed Wal Mart enough that they were willing to place Welspun’s first large order, and set the textile company on the pat to success.

Beneful Educates it Customer’s on their Wellness Philosophy

The education of Beneful’s pet care philosophy is an essential aspect of their strategic marketing scheme which consists of incorporating healthy activities into pets and owners daily lives’. Currently offering a variety of products including wet/dry dog food to irresistible dog treats, this renowned company seeks to share the knowledge of pet wellness to consumers across the United States.

Essentially, Beneful’s effective quality control standard encourages a safe and nutritious meal every dog can enjoy. Most importantly, Beneful truly understands the imperativeness of wholesome pet food and strongly believes that educating the patrons about their products’ benefits will have the most rewarding results.

Beneful’s main objective is to deliver highly individualized products with an extremely personalized approach. This is accomplished through a wide variety of products which will satisfy each pets’ unique needs. For example, Beneful’s “Playful Life” line includes extra protein to sustain a dogs’ energy while the “Adult” brand is perfect for weight management. These dry dog food selections are packed with vitamin-rich ingredients to facilitate overall good health. In addition, this prominent company also offer wet dog food for pets who enjoy meals with a soft and moist consistency. Unlike their competitors, Beneful manufactures this alternative product selection with real and visible ingredients which includes fruits, vegetables, chicken, and grains. Although dogs are unable to distinguish color, most pet owners are enticed by a products’ appearance when buying food for their pet. Notably, all colorings which are used in their carefully designed selections adhere to the strict standards of the Food and Drug Administration.

As an avid supporter of food safety, Beneful’s quality control measures are the strictest in the pet care industry. Moreover, they pride themselves on maintaining exceptional ingredient specialists at each of their manufacturing facilities in Arizona, Georgia, and Iowa. Beneful’s expert food analysts employ comprehensive testing programs which ensures only high-quality grains are used in their products. In addition, the employees incorporate strict processing measures for sanitation and safety in order to buy and store ingredients efficiently. For example, during a standard 24-hour food inspection, specialists conduct over 30,000 documented quality checks involving ingredient packaging. Notably, Beneful strives to exceed every safety standard which are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and the American Feed Control Officials.

Beneful has successfully delivered millions of dog food products all of which are available nationwide at mass merchants, pet stores, and grocery chains. The company has received recognition for emerging nutrition with happiness and continues to serve more than 15 million customers per a year. Beneful is also actively involved in their community and has recently hosted the Dream Dog Park Contest which encouraged individuals to submit a photo with their pet. In addition, pet owners are required to write an essay detailing their dream dog park destination as well as the joys of having a pet. Remarkably, during the past three years, Beneful has awarded more than half-million dollars in park renovations across the United States.