A Look At Jeffry Schneider’s Rise in the Financial Industry

Jeffry Schneider, a resident of Austin, Texas, has worked in the financial industry for over 30 years. Over the course of his career, he has become an acknowledged expert in investing, with a specialty in alternative investments. Jeffry Schneider is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Among the well-known financial firms that Jeffry Schneider has worked for are Merrill Lynch, Smith Barney, and Alex Brown. In 2002 he decided to strike out on his own and founded Axiom Capital Management. This company, based in New York City, specializes in investment banking, institutional sales, and asset management. Its client base is a mix of high net worth individuals, corporations, and institutional investors.

Two other companies that Schneider has founded in the financial industry are Paradigm Global Advisors and Alternative Investments which concentrated on asset management and alternative investing for high net worth individuals. It was in March 2012 that he founded the company he currently works at, Ascendant Capital, LLC. His company focuses on alternative investing such as private equity, hedge funds, and real estate investments. These types of funds are used by investors in order to diversify their portfolios and attain solid returns. The financial products that Schneider develops are sold through banks, registered investment advisers, and brokerage firms.

Outside of his career, Jeffry Schneider enjoys spending time with his wife and children. He is also a health nut and really interested in eating a nutritious diet and vigorous exercise. He has competed in a number of athletic events around the world including marathons, iron man, and half iron mans. Partly due to his travel to these competitions and partly because he loves to visit new places, Jeffry Schneider has been all over the world including throughout North and South America, Europe, and Asia.

As Schneider believes in giving back to the community he is involved with a number of charities. One of these charities is the Cherokee Home For Children which seeks to provide a Christian home environment for children in need. Another charity he supports is Wonders and Worries provides support to children who’s parents are facing a medical crisis and Jeffry’s lacrosse camp.

Fabletics Winning Hearts of Sports Enthusiasts

One of the major reasons why so many people stay away from the gym is because they are afraid that others will judge them based on what they are wearing and how they look. And because most people don’t know where to get trendy active wear, this becomes a common excuse for not keeping fit. Thanks to Fabletics, a fairly new sportswear brand, there are no more excuses. With just a few clicks you can be the envy of every person in the gym room.


Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson in the year 2013 and she continues to play a major role in the company. Being the celebrity she is and having great taste in fashion, she is the best person to be giving you advice on how to look great during your workouts. You can catch up with her on the Fabletics website and even rock her look. She is responsible for giving personalized consultation so that you look your best while exercising.


In the last four years, Fabletics has grown to over $250 million. This is a huge success, considering the fact that her main competitors are the likes of Amazon, who already have a very big market share. Therefore, you can imagine how hard it would be to convince customers that you are the better option. But, Fabletics seems to be doing things so effortless and gaining more clients such that they now compete with Amazon.


One of the reasons behind the company’s success is great management. Gregg Throgmartin who is an expert in the industry makes it clear that their culture is to offer high value but for a reduced price. You will find that you can get outfits for as low as $25. Awesome, right? Particularly, when you get quality that matches high-end brands. To Fabletics, price doesn’t automatically reflect quality. You can actually still make enough returns by selling at an affordable price. Besides, it is the only way that your products become accessible to everyone.


When Fabletics first open its doors, the doors were virtual. But with time, they continue to open more physical stores in their strongholds. The reason is to tap the best of both worlds. Research indicates that most consumers trust physical stores more. They will therefore look for items online then rush to their local store and look for similar items. So, by having physical stores, they are able to tap the niche that would rather they physically saw and tried outfits before purchasing them.


Fabletics has won the hearts of many because they offer a variety. If you visit their website today then check again next month, you will find totally different outfits. The company is always introducing new patterns, styles, colors and fabrics. Their innovativeness ensures that you always get something unique and that is in style.


The membership program has also contributed largely to the success of the company. With discounted prices for members, you just can’t pass on the offer.

Avi Weisfogel – The Brilliant Sleep Master

Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who got his BA in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and DDS from New York College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel also owns Dental Sleep Masters based in New Jersey and also founded Old Bridge Dental Care and Healthy Heart Sleep. He has used his organizations to serve as a dentist, which have seen him win several awards during his tenure.


Avi Weisfogel has explored the world of sleep and learned how physicians and dentists could assist patients suffering from sleep disorders. He developed numerous methods that can be applied in sleep dentistry and sleep medicine. The method could be used to diagnose and treat sleep disturbed breathing patients countrywide. He has a dedicated team that has tried out these methods. The team can also help you with, business practice method, billing methods, staff training, online screening, and many other services. The other reason for his success is that people want ease of doing things and he tries to make things simple.


Avi had the passion of the sleep world during his first years as a dental practitioner. Having a background in marketing, he was able to combine it with his passion, and he realized this gap. His way of bringing such idea to practice is by taking notes either on paper or his phone and visualize on them.


Being a dentist Dr. Weisfogel admits that dentistry was never his passion, but the fifteen years he has served as a dentist gave him an insight into dentistry. He has an idea that there are many opportunities to be exploited such as a dental mirror with a little windshield to make the work of a dentist easier. Avi also thinks of an app that one can load his/her ideas and get organized in a fashioned manner.


If you have a health problem, it is best you go to a specialist. With sleep problems, Dr. Weisfogel can absolutely help you. Get in touch with him today.


Senior Notes Placement Yields Unprecedented Success

Following the successful reopening of their initial offering, NexBank Capital Inc. witnessed a prolific upsurge in their issuance amounts. The increase, reported to be well over $80 million, was as a result of the firm placing its senior unsecured notes. The notes, set to mature in March 2026 will be callable five years after the maturity date. For the first five years, the notes will have a standard rate of 5.5%, after which the rate might fluctuate, depending on LIBOR, whose basis is 435 points.

According to the respected Kroll Bond Rating Agency, the notes poses a stable position. This is why they warrant a BBB rating from the authority. The returns accrued from the offering are proposed to be used primarily for settling debts as well as running day-to-day activities. Placement of the notes was entirely entrusted to Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.

Speaking on the matter, John Holt, NexBank’s CEO, stated that the success was a reassurance that investors have faith in his firm and its future. He added that the huge returns would go a long way in growing the entity, through the regular supply of capital they provide. Furthermore, he boasted of NexBank’s financial strength, adding that the excellent rating from Kroll is a demonstration of their exceptional credit quality as well as sound financial performance.

NexBank’s Vice President also contributed on the subject. Matt Siekielski, who is also the COO, said that the continuous addition of investors to the firm’s portfolio was a symbol of NexBank’s strategic superiority. Having brought in a vast $200 million, the closing would massively contribute to the expansion of the business.

About NexBank

A leading provider in the financial services sector, NexBank has been in operation for over eight decades. By maintaining high-performance standards, the firm has stayed relevant throughout its existence. Its clientele traverses from individuals to corporate institutions. Over the years, the bank has grown exponentially, starting from humble beginnings to an enormous asset base, worth over $4 billion. The bank has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

Meet AXA Advisors Senior Executive President, Vincent Parascandola

AXA Advisors is a financial services company which offers customized guidance and strategies to help clients achieve financial goals. AXA Group is a French holding Company offering international insurance and financial services, AXA Financial is the principal U.S subsidiary and AXA Advisors, LLC, is the retail division with in the group. Within the United States, AXA Advisors began as The Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States in 1859.

AXA Advisors goal is to move clients toward financial independence and help them achieve their goals. The programs and product options they offer cover a range of needs and circumstances. Working with many business affiliates allows them access to leading company’s products and services as well. This opens the doors for need based solutions as opposed to product driven services. This is achieved through a thorough analysis of goals, priorities, and available resources to create a successful portfolio. Their website, www.nj.axa-advisor.com, provides current clients with a number of resources to help them stay on top of their account and make necessary changes to their needs and goals to achieve financial success.

The Senior Executive President of AXA Advisors, LLC, is Vincent Parascandola, who is responsible for sales, management development, recruiting, retention, productivity, and development of new and experienced financial professionals. He has over 25 years of financial institution experience. His career began in 1987 as an agent with Prudential, where he was named National Rookie of the Year. In 1990 he moved to MONY Life Insurance Company, holding several local and regional positions before joining AXA Advisors in 2004. When he began with AXA, he co-managed the New York Metro branch, then moved on to be the president of The Advantage Group.

Mr. Parascandola is a highly regarded leader and has a number of management awards to his name. Such as GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Award, additionally, he is an in-demand speaker and regularly speaks at industry event and conferences. He is a member of GAMA and once served as the president of the Florida chapter. He received a Bachelor of Science from Pace University in New York.


Dr Walden Moves Home

If you have heard of Dr Walden you probably know she is based in Texas. You might not know how she got there or if she still does the same kind of work as she did in New York.


Moving Home

Dr Walden decided recently to move back to Texas after spending a lot of her life in New York. She started her practice there and drew in clients that were famous and normal alike. Dr Walden decided that she wanted more of her home life. She has children so she wanted to give them the kind of childhood she had. So she moved home.



When Dr. Jennifer Walden moved back to Texas, she started her practice back up. She maintained the same clients and still was able to keep her practice while giving her kids the life she wanted to give them. Now her clients fly to her to get things done. This way she can still have a great practice and live in the places she wants to. The neat thing about her is that she still see’s regular people along with her high profile clients. This makes her more like the clients she helps.


If you are looking for a great Doctor for your plastic surgery needs, then you might want to look at Dr Walden. She can help you to have a great outcome as well as feel comfortable with the doctor and the surgery you are getting. Give her a call and see what she can do for you.


Sujit Choudhry – Comparative Law Authority

Comparative Law could be called the study of all the different legal systems that propagate in this world. The socialist law, Islamic law, Hindu law, canon law and Jewish law could be quoted as one amongst the many examples.


The modern comparative law finds its foothold in the 18th century, and before that comparative methodology was practised. Montesique has been attributed the distinction of being the pioneer of comparative law. Which is evident from his masterpiece De l’esprit des lois. Comparative law may be different from the fields of general law or international law, but, it proves as a medium to achieve normality between the two. Based on crunchbase.com


Sujit Choudhry is the world renowned authority on comparative law. He has been working tirelessly over the years to achieve such “normals”. He has a plethora of on-field experience due to being an integral part and an advisor to the constitution building process in many countries. Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Nepal to name a few.


Visit officialsujitchoudhry.com and read related posts.


His research basically focuses on the many burning issues in comparative constitutional law. Like constitutional design in ethnically divided societies, decentralisation, socialism, feudalism, federalism etc. He is also a prolific writer of the art having published more than ninety articles, working papers, book chapters and reports. His collections have been widely read by the audience of comparative law and have long been considered as materials with conviction.


Professor Sujit Choudhry is also the founding director of the centre for constitutional transitions, an institute that specialises in collating the research carried by experts in this field so as to provide the practitioners with a slew of evidence-based research. Mr Choudhry has been awarded numerous awards for his services towards the development and furtherance of comparative law. He was recently awarded the Trudeau fellowship, the Canadian equivalent of McArthur Awards. An award that is given for having done exemplary work in any field. He could be called a man with the highest moral fabric, working endlessly in an attempt to see a change in the society.

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John Goullet Taking His Business to the Next Level

Divergent Technologies, Inc. is a company that is specialized to offer IT staffing services to other companies. For the company, they engage in the issuance of these services in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. For this reason, they have kept up with the trend in this industry. Because of their high-quality service delivery in the industry, they have been adopted on a massive scale. They are now offering services to most of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States. For the company, they are extremely experienced in the provision of solutions including temporary, contingent, design services, staff augmentation, and direct hire solutions for contract and permanent solutions for other companies.

In the recent past, Divergent Technologies, Inc. decided to engage in services that offer minority business enterprise and veteran programs. Divergent Technologies, Inc. also gives a wide array of job opportunities to those who are in need of jobs in the industry. These job opportunities include database administrators, mobile technology developers, application management, network managers, project managers, and creative designers.

According to a recent study conducted by companies in the United States, Divergent Technologies, Inc. was one of the fastest growing companies. In the recent past, the company recorded a double-digit growth strategy that has never been realized among such enterprises in the country. Because of their success in the market, it is a reflection of the high-end services they offer to their clients in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry. The company also has a capability to offer the most efficient solutions to their clients. Or this reason, they have grown to record maximum growth in this business. They have also gotten a rare opportunity to serve the Fortune 500 companies with IT staffing solutions. This is a reflection of their capabilities in the industry.For the company, they view their clients as their business associates. For this reason, they promote a better understanding of what is needed in the industry. In the end, they promote their names as better business dealers. John Gullet is the CEO and President of Divergent Technologies, Inc. he is respected in the company.



How Clay Siegall Has Intervened To Advance Cancer Research


The fight against cancer has invited experts from different areas, who have been working to deliver a reliable solution to the menace. Many companies that deal with the development of drugs for other ailments have also chipped in to support this course and over the past 10 years, many ideas have been tried. One of the companies mentioned in this chase is Seattle Genetics, which has been successful in offering unique technologies and drug pipelines that are designed to eliminate the cancer menace. Launched in 1998, the company has gradually gained ground as a research platform and is leading in the development of technologies like ADC.

Professionals like Clay Siegall have helped to advance this fight and to make it easier for the cancer research industry to advance. He has been working with experts from several companies to draft ideas that are ideal for the modern world and meant to make the research work easier and more successful in delivering great drugs and technologies. Clay Siegall has also been working to ensure research projects meant to offer treatment options for cancer are fully funded. He has invited several companies to join Seattle Genetics with the objective of strengthening the fight and increasing the chances of getting reliable solutions to the cancer menace.

More about Clay Siegall

Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., is a Zoology graduate of Maryland University, who also joined the University of Washington for a Ph.D. in Genetics. His dedication and resolve to fighting the cancer menace has seen him lead Seattle Genetics as a research platform dedicated to offering treatment solutions. When he founded the company, he wanted to create a platform where experts would convene to create new solutions and this idea has helped to bring birth to technologies like ADC.

Under his control, Seattle Genetics has signed several partnerships and strategic licenses with leading companies for the ADC Technology. Some of the companies that joined in this move include Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Genentech. Clay Siegall has been leading research projects and some of the achievements this brought are solutions like the ADC Technology and ADCETRIS, which have been adopted widely.

Why ClassDojo Can Be Effective For Parents And Students

ClassDojo is a free app that is growing in usage in classrooms across the US and other countries throughout the world. ClassDojo’s original intention was to encourage good student behavior through a reward system, but it’s grown into far more than that. ClassDojo harnesses technology in a manner that keeps students actively participating in classroom activities and it’s now become a communication platform that keeps parents in the loop. The app is a little like Facebook in its overall interface but gives teachers administrative control over student story profiles. Parents and teachers alike have been amazed at the ground-up change the app has brought to classrooms.

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ClassDojo was founded by Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, two students from the UK who wanted to start an app that could meet the needs of a market that hadn’t been addressed by very many other apps. They found education to be an area lacking in both classroom instruction and positive encouragement, so they consulted with various teachers about what they believed could help their classrooms. ClassDojo started out with a simple interface but soon evolved with more features as customers asked for more. They’ve also partnered with a research team to develop student growth videos to encourage different learning strategies.


According to angel.co, ClassDojo has received several rounds of venture capital funding in order to add to its features, the latest of which brought its total to around $30 million. So far the app has not been monetized but plans are being made to add optional premium features for those who want more out of it. The app has saved money due to no spending on advertising and relying simply on word-of-mouth to promote it. The app has spent money to enhance its security features and protect user privacy. Thanks to the constant communication ClassDojo provides many schools have been able to do away with parent-teacher meetings.

Learn more about the App, visit https://techcrunch.com/2016/04/15/classdojo-raises-21-million-for-app-to-make-parent-teacher-meetings-obsolete/