ClassDojo really keeps parents in the know!

ClassDojo is a revolutionary communication platform that is building a connection between parents, teachers, and students. The thing that sets ClassDojo apart is the cofounders Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. They were able to talk with teachers and educators, and listen to them to come up with this unique idea. They were quoted as asking educators, “what’s the worst part of teaching?” They embraced the idea of working with teachers, and as a result ClassDojo has become so popular that 2 in 3 schools now use it. One of the most amazing things about ClassDojo is that the amazing growth has happened because of word of mouth. The teachers that have used ClassDojo believe in it so much that they have shared it with other colleagues.

With ClassDojo parents are able to view posts from their student’s teachers. Teachers are able to not only post notes to parents, but also videos, photos, and even classwork. It is a real benefit for parents and students alike to be able to receive classwork right from ClassDojo. Parents can also private message their student’s teachers to help build strong communication between school and home. It is an amazing tool that keeps parents involved in the classroom culture, even though they cannot be there with their children. Another huge benefit to ClassDojo is that parents no longer have to wait until parent teacher conferences to see how their child is doing. They are able to see instantly. This means that parents and teachers can both work with students to assure they are receiving as much help as possible to succeed.

Parents aren’t the only ones to benefit from ClassDojo. The amazing resources offered also benefit teachers. Even if a teacher has not used ClassDojo before, there are a wide variety of resources available to help make the process easy. The ClassDojo website not only offers links to help teachers get started, but it also offers new ideas also. During my most recent visit the website offered a link to make an intro letter for parents, from teachers. This would help teachers, and offer them more time to dedicate to other tasks.

ClassDojo is responsible for creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. It is the single best tool to keep parents in the know when it comes to their kid’s education.

Best Ski Resorts at Lake Tahoe

Whether you like the wild excitement, speed and exhilaration of downhill skiing and/or snowboarding or the peaceful slow steady speed of cross country skiing, Lake Tahoe is the place to go. Not only is the skiing exceptional at the Lake Tahoe Skiing area, but the scenery is breathtaking. Skiing, dining, hiking and relaxing amidst fragrant pine trees and breathtaking views at thousands of feet above sea level is an exhilarating and therapeutic experience. Lake Tahoe offers some of this country’s best ski resorts. Take a look below for the best ski resorts at Lake Tahoe.

Best Ski Resorts

Heavenly Ski Resort is legendary and rests on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe just seconds away from the nightlife and casinos. This resort offers more recreation and entertainment options than others in the area – plenty of choices here. If you love breathtaking views of alpine lakes and also the raw beauty of Nevada’s high desert then you’ll love it here! After thrills on the slopes as night falls, Vegas-style casinos, dance clubs, and other great entertainment venues beckon close by. This ski resort boasts having the highest peak, tons of snowfall a year, a vertical rise unequaled on the West Coast, 34 miles of groomed cruisers, canyons, 1,600′ plunges, four parks and many acres of powder glades.

Northstar Ski Resort is one of the most popular skiing destinations with its unlimited opportunities to ski, play, hike, relax and spend lots of fun days with loved ones and friends. It boasts having seven award-winning terrain parks, and at a mountain village having 35 rustic and charming specialty shops and restaurants. So if you love basing through the bumps, carving corduroy, sending it on the Superpipe or just plain relaxing by the fire then this resort is for you.

Kirkwood Ski Resort lies on 2,300 acres of vast, open bowls, cliffs, double- diamond steeps, and miles of cornice. California’s skiing elite can be seen ripping by on the slopes. Average winters bring over 500 inches of snow to this spectacular resort. It boasts having the deepest snowpack in the region and some years in the continent. There are separate base areas and uncrowded slopes for every level and ability from the beginner to the most challenging cliff-walled chutes.

Squaw Valley Ski Resort has a lively ski atmosphere where the energy of this mountainous region is vibrant and contagious. Squaw Valley has consistent snowfall well into the spring and enjoys one of the longest ski seasons around. The views of Lake Tahoe are stunning as they surround you in their sun-drenched beauty. It’s a spectacular summit playground at 8,200 feet high. The glistening blue waters of Lake Tahoe below mesmerize in the scented alpine air. Mountain explorers and nature lovers love the High Camp Experience where stunning views offer enchanting escapes.

Beginning skiers will love the easy learning zones amidst dramatic alpine panoramic views. Food is another delight where gourmet cuisine, delicious snacks, cold beer, and refreshing cocktails are waiting for you at patios and restaurants where breathtaking and panoramic views stun and amaze.

Alpine Meadows Ski Resort is an idyllic, charming and picturesque ski resort lies between Truckee, CA and Tahoe City. Alpine Meadows Ski Resort lies on the northern shores of Lake Tahoe in California. It’s only a 15 minute shuttle hop away from Squaw Valley.

It’s a great ski resort for families and those thrill seekers who are wanting out-of-the- way adventures. Having chalet style lodging and friendly hospitality this place makes sure everyone comes first. There are 20 different ski park areas with a variety of slopes, offering easy to wide-open challenging bowls. There’s more than 100 trails to have fun on, and it’s on over 2,400 exciting acres for adventurous skiing, snowboarding and jumps.

While the ski resorts at Lake Tahoe are superb and the most popular destinations in the U. S., the surrounding nature at Lake Tahoe is a pristine jewel to behold. You are literally surrounded by the majestic alpine Sierra Nevada mountains where the air is clean and pure. Lake Tahoe is the second deepest lake in the United States at1,645 deep and you can see 70 feet down into the sparkling, clear waters.

Not only is skiing popular but fly fishing, boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, touring, rafting, water shuttling, and flying in helicopters are also very popular activities to do. So there’s lots to do for everyone’s different tastes and abilities!

White Shark Media: Choosing A Trusted PPC Management Firm

Are you in need of professional PPC management service? Want to achieve the most successful results possible with your PPC advertising campaigns? If you are serious about growing your business using Adwords PPC campaigns, White Shark Media Review team can help you.

Unlike running your advertisement in the newspaper, PPC, which stands for pay per click, is designed explicitly to get potential customers to click on ads. As an advertiser, you get charged for people click on your ad. It is a simple advertising system that offers the opportunity to generate traffic quickly. But it is important to learn how to create attractive titles and descriptions, and to choose the right keywords for your product, service or offer.


White Shark Media is a well established advertising agency, providing PPC advertising solutions and related services to business around the world. This company has clients from a wide variety of industries and has a great reputation for rendering superior services.

White Shark Media offers free Adwords evaluation and will show you step by step, hoow to set up a profitable campaign and generate traffic to your business. The advertising experts at White Shark Media are well versed in keyword research, ad creation and proper tracking. If you have an ad campaign already running, these experts will evaluate it to make sure it’s set up correctly and make any adjustments needed.

White Shark Media can also handle your ad campaign management for you. Once you choose their campaign management, you will be provided with a complete strategy with world-class PPC management service. This offer is a hassle-free way to have your campaign running, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. Sit back and relax as these experts manage your campaign. All of their PPC management packages are cost-effective and offer easy payment options.

Platforms such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads are beneficial to your business growth and success. According to Microsoft, with White Shark Media’s pay-per-click advertising expertise, they can help make your business successful. They customize strategy and ad performance tracking suited to your needs. They provide the top notch support and excellent guidance you need to reach your goal, be it generating the highest return on investment, generating more leads, or promoting your brand. Read more: White Shark Media Reviews: Testimonials & Case Studies from Clients

Contact White Shark Media for more information about their advertising solutions and how they can help you increase sales and revenue.

Susan McGalla Says Women CEOs Still Face Challenges

Susan McGalla has broken that glass ceiling and headed not just one but three Fortune 500 companies. A tremendous achievement for anyone — male or female — but no cake walk by any means. The East Liverpool, Ohio native is proud to be a role model for women, but she also cautions that women have to be assertive, determined and demand respect.

Unfortunately, not all men have come from out of the dark ages, according to McGalla on “There are a few who will never accept a woman as a CEO, and it can cause some problems.” McGalla never let anyone’s attitude create a stumbling block for her. She was always determined to be successful and she is.

The Mount Union College graduate was recruited by Joseph Horne Company shortly after Susan graduated. She moved around through the company and headed a number of departments. While in their employee, she first noticed that there were no women in corporate positions. McGalla was determined to change that.

Moving on to American Eagle Outfitters, Susan McGalla got her first real taste of the corporate ladder. While there, she also moved to different departments and up the ladder to CEO. McGalla says she knows she was awarded the position due to her hard work, ethics and leadership capabilities. She also feels that she had to work harder than most of her male counterparts.

“That is the unfortunate part of moving up the ladder,” said McGalla. Women still face challenges. There is still a good deal of misogyny and the good old boy system is alive and well. Despite the few issues, the experience is rewarding overall. “I have learned a great deal over the years. You have to develop a thick skin and learn how to work with all types of personalities.”

Women have to make a stance and take some chances. To be a proven and successful leader, you have to wear many hats, according to McGalla. Show your strengths and be as open-minded as possible on

After a short stint with Wet Seal Inc., McGalla decided she wanted to work for herself. So, she opened her own executive consulting company. She also was hired as lead of strategic planning with the Pittsburgh Steeler organization. McGalla is also big on philanthropy and works with several organizations for the needy. She is a current board member of Magee Women’s Hospital. Source:

The Life and Career of Dick and Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a reformer, who has been in charge of a variety of party organizations, campaigns, and political action committees, this including six years in which she served as chairman for the michigan republican party. The tendency of reforming runs in her family, as he husband Dick DeVos was a republican nominee for the governor of michigan in 2006. It is possible, that out of all the things that she pursues, she pursues for reform through many different nonprofit organizations, she is currently the chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and many of her charitable interest are on a wide range. She is a member for several local and national boards, these include the Mars Hill Bible Church, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management located at the Kennedy Center, The Foundation of Excellence of Education and Kids Hope USA. However, it is possible that Mrs.DeVos is best known for her role as a leading advocate in the educational-choice movement. Along with this she serves as the chairman for the American Federation for Children (AFC), as well as the Alliance for School Choice. Recently, Philanthropy spoke to Mrs. DeVos in regards to her work with the educational reform in general and specifically the school choice. One of the things asked during the interview was what got Mrs. DeVos interested in the movement in the first place as the movement is now considered a radical movement, Mrs. DeVos responded that it was not just a single incident that drew her to the movement, and that it was more gradual. Other questions that were asked during the interview was how supporting one school had led her to think more broadly about education, how she had become more involved within the educational-choice movement and what had been some of her biggest success.

Betsy and Dick DeVos have been married for more than 30 years, have four children, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law and two granddaughters. Their other two children are currently pursuing full-time studies, and all four of their children are involved in business careers. Dick DeVos graduated from Forest Hills Public Schools and Northwood University, and Betsy graduated from Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. Both are actively involved in their community specifically in The Windquest Group, which is a privately held investment manage firm that is Michigan based. The firm is responsible for diversified projects for manufacturing, technology, nonprofit solutions and clean-tech.

The Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge

Spark Tank, thought of by Marc Spark and Lynne Sipiora, is a rather ingenious idea when all of the thoughts and ideas that pertain to this movement are out in the open. They have brought to life the thought that social services executives can have such a bigger voice within their communities.

To understand what Spark Tank is about you first need to understand who Marc Spark is as a person. He isn’t just a brilliant entrepreneur businessman, but also a philanthropist, he volunteers his time with building houses for those in need and volunteering at homeless shelters, has worked with Habitat for Humanity and overall just gives back to his community by not just contributing money but contributing his time, strength, and patience to those around his Dallas, Texas area.

According to Goodreads, the Spark Tank was originally created by Marc Spark and Lynne Sipiora who had worked together when taking on a small homeless shelter 15 years ago. This shelter how feeds 200 people every day, while they also are in the process of building the first transitional living apartment complex in North Texas.

They have done many businesses together over the years which include a thrift store, and they are currently invested in restoring a family shelter that is costing an upwards of $7,000,000.

The idea behind Spark Tank is that social services executives that have a entrepreneurial spirit could help create a social success by presenting their ideas that could lead to a successful business. The program works through the online, with applications that are reviewed and three finalists that are chosen.  There are several rules that need to be followed to be qualified to win, as stated in :

“Applicants must be a 501C3 organization with a minimum of two years history. Human services, animal services, and the arts are all eligible to apply. National charities, United Way charities, political action committees (PACs) and faith based initiatives ARE NOT eligible. Faith based initiatives for nonreligious purposes ARE eligible” (Spark Tank: Social Innovation Challege. 2016).  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

You are able to apply today, with a drawing for thge winners as of October 1st. A rundown of the questions will be listed as you can choose between certain elegebility requirements when signing up, whether or not your organization is a 503c3 nonprofit organization, whether the request is a project that needs funding or a capital item that you need money to purchase equipment. Other questions include describing your organization, describing your request.

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What Steps Must You Use To Select A Reputation Management Company

This article explains how to select a proper reputation management company, and there are a few steps that will help every company in need of assistance. The assistance required cannot be replicated by another business, and the steps provided in the article will send clients to the right place. Take each step seriously while shopping around for a better reputation management protocol.

#1: Reputation Management Companies Do Everything

Reputation managements companies handle every step of the process, and they do not leave anything up to their clients. A company such as Better Reputation will do everything needed, and they will send reports to their clients about the effectiveness of the work. Do not work with a company that is not full-service.

#2: A Reputation Must Be Watched Carefully

Reputation management firms such as Better Reputation keep a watchful eye on their clients, and any reputation issues are raised at once. The reputation issues that arise must be handled at once, and the client will not have enough time to see their reputation fall. Consider hiring Better Reputation for long-term safety.

#3: Full-Service Includes Personal Service

Clients must have a direct line of communication to their reputation management firm, and Better Reputation offers such a line of communication. They prefer to remain in close contact with their clients, and clients are free to call at any time. Emails receive responses the same day, and video conferences are possible when clients want to have team meetings.

#4: How Effective Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management is quite effective when done properly. The reputation management techniques used by firms around the world include writing articles, striking false comments from forums and creating a press release. The reputation management company may create all these documents quickly, and they will share every document with their clients.

The online reputation management game is loaded with quality firms, but Better Reputation is among the best. They will help their clients follow every step in the list above, and the list will become a game plan for the reclamation of an image that took years to cultivate.

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George Soros, sly Investor

When you are named one of the 30 richest people in the world, according to Wikipedia it is apparent that you are doing something right. George Soros who was born Scwartz Gyorgy in 1930 has made a career out of knowing when to make an investment and when to make a sale of stock. While some may question his methods, others look at him as being a financial genius. Soros did not just get to where he is by pure luck, it was his business sense that helped to guide him to where he is today. One of the things that stand out the most involving Soros is the fact that he is a large supporter of Progressive and Liberal causes here in the United States.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

In 1954 Soros took a job as a clerk for the merchant banker for the firm Singer and Friendlander. Here he was advised to apply at F.M Mayer as an arbitrage broker. This would be the platform that would get him into the investment world and help him to launch into a successful career. This was a huge part of the process that helped to drive him to the top and give him the needed room to make some positive investment decisions.

Recently George Soros returned to the investing world and made some bold moves that got a lot of peoples attention. These moves made a lot of people look twice and wonder if he really did still know what he was doing. According to CNBC and the Wall Street Journal, Soros made some investments in Gold and gold miners stocks. Those that are in the know have looked at these investments and are thinking that they need to make a move themselves as to prevent being on the outside looking in as has been the case a couple of times that Soros has made a investment decision. 

Learn more about George Soros: