Street Art In The Wild

Really cool exhibition brings the style of street art, into locations where you wouldn’t normally expect to see the medium. The photos capture the reality bending approach of vivid urban works of art, put into areas that are decidedly un-urban.

A major photog like Terry Richardson couldn’t capture these images any better. My favorite is the one pictured above. Brilliant example of showcasing photography prowess with the beautiful colors, each one represented as radiantly as possible.

Gotta love it. See the rest here.

Juried Photography Exhibit Coming to New Jersey In November

The 20th annual New Jersey Photography Forum is set to take place at the Watchung Arts Center on November 2nd. The reception is going to feature a ton of new work from new and established artists throughout New Jersey.

The exhibit will also be open to the public on the Gala’s upper floor from November 2nd, to the 26th, so there are plenty of opportunities to check out some new art.

Definitely something I’m going to try and see with Marnie Bennett. Love seeing new photography, and what today’s newest artists come up with, when they capture the world through their eyes.