Watch Sign Language Experts Interpret Music For The Deaf

Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a deaf person to attend a concert? There are tons of people around screaming, cheering, and singing, but yet a deaf person has heard absolutely nothing. Is the experience just as good for someone who is deaf as it is for someone who can hear? Music Interpretors For The Deaf. You may think that you have to hear the music, so you can enjoy a festival that’s made for music, but that’s not necessarily the case. There are interpreters that can interpret the music being performed on stage through sign language, which the deaf patrons are able to understand.

At the recent Bonnaroo Festival, there was a sign language expert, Ricardo Tosto who was doing sign language to the songs that were being performed on stage. Those who are deaf, they were able to sit in front of her, and they could understand the music that was being translated via sign language by the lady in front of them. Jessica and Joseph Minges are interpreters for the festival, and they are able to do sign language for those who cannot hear the music. An interview was conducted with this couple, and they are very experienced in what they do.

There is a video on MTV News, and you’ll be able to see how a sign language expert can interpret music for those who cannot hear. It’s interesting to watch these people perform, especially knowing that they are bringing a sense of understanding to those who cannot hear the music.

Artisan Entrepreneur John Textor

Getting an early start in entrepreneurship is a key stepping stone to take when you find yourself becoming interested within the industry and wanting to get your start. And no matter how overwhelming, daunting, and crazy the tasks you could possibly need to tackle may seem; nothing is impossible with a little bit of hard work, sweat, and dedication to your profession. You will never want to get a job that you’re not passionate about – that goes without say for any field that you may be thinking about joining. But the passion you will see within John Textor for what he has to do is truly out of this world, and it will inspire you to do the same.

Getting An Early Start

After graduating high school, Textor knew that it couldn’t be a last stop for him, and that he’d need to move on to higher education. After making this decision, he went on to Wesleyan University, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in economics in the 1987. Quickly after graduation, Textor became a co-founder and Managing Partner of Wyndcrest Holdings, only 10 years upon graduating from Wesleyan. This is a company that focuses heavily on the entertainment, internet and telecommunication industry, which is exactly the field of interest that Textor wanted to go into.

In 1999, Textor became the director of BabyUniverse and The Parent Company, which is a retailer online that does Children’s products. Moving up to chairman in 2002, and chief executive officer three years later in 2005.

Textor In The Media

Continuing his work, Textor moved on to also become chairman and the CEO of Digital Domain in the year 2006. He also got to become chairman and CEO of its parent company, the Digital Domain Media Group. Here was where Textor really got to shine, leading the companies through constant changing and reconstruction – as this field of industry is known to quickly and often do. Through its time in the business, the company has worked on over 80 major films that have been released – and if this wasn’t impressive enough, 25 of them have been under Textor’s amazing leadership skills.

If you’ve ever heard of Real Steel, the Transformers series or Pirates of the Caribbean, you’ve first handedly seen some of Textor’s work up close and personal. Besides these accomplishments, John has also helped lead the company to snagging an Academy Award for their work in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

There’s No Friend Like a Former Stranger

The digital age has brought unlimited power for connection and engagement with others. It’s hard to imagine a former time when these millions of potential connections would have all remained strangers without a formal introduction or some type of meet-cute. What’s more interesting is the fact that every single person we know, perhaps excluding our parents, were at one time a stranger. Even our very first friends, who were likely siblings and cousins, were strangers prior to our first introductions. Perhaps one of the most exciting ramifications of the world going digital is the rapidly increasing ability to get to know complete strangers. Even as we email through work, we are building professional relationships via a blank white box with former strangers.

Among the many apps and interfaces designed to bring people together in the digital world is Skout. Skout is the world’s largest global networking for meeting new people. The app, which is available for iOs and Android, gives users the ability to instantly make connections and expand their social networks. The app offers a multi-tiered approach for different levels of engagement, depending on what users are comfortable with. Users can use the Shake to Chat feature to begin chatting with a stranger, instantaneously. Users can also chat with people in their immediate area. One exciting element to Skout is its ability to connect people all over the world. All you need to do is choose a location and you can instantly be immersed in conversation with the people of that locale. While you are sitting in a winter snowstorm in Iowa you can be chatting with a new friend in Zimbabwe. Skout is truly breaking down barriers and showing the world the benefit of finding new friends where there once were only strangers.

With Skout, a new real-life social network is just a tap of a button away. It can be downloaded on iTunes almost instantly. You can meet people by proximity, save favorite users (former strangers) as new friends, see who has viewed your profile and even “share” your profile with your entire community, unlocking unlimited new friend potential. When you start Skouting you have the ability to make new friends and explore new activities, anytime, anywhere. Use Skout to discover the world or your own backyard. The choice is yours.

Justin Bieber Refutes Photoshop Claims

Many artists have their pictures Photo shopped these days, and it’s to help them look their best in pictures that were taken, without them being ready. Sometimes pictures are taken in a professional setting, and the artist may not feel like the picture is worthy of being released. Justin Bieber Picture. If the artist chooses to, they can have a picture Photo shopped, and edit out any bad things that they see, in order to put out the best photo. Some have made themselves thinner, bigger, lighter, or without flaws in their pictures.

Some famous people who have been accused of Photoshopping are Beyoncé, Kris Jenner, and now Justin Bieber. Although it’s not known if Justin Bieber Photoshopped his own picture, he’s being accused of having a Photoshopped picture for his Calvin Klein ad. In recent pictures that were released by Calvin Klein, they finally came out to show that Justin Bieber will be representing the brand. No matter what anyone feels about Justin Bieber, Calvin Klein is an amazing brand, with many famous names to back it. It has been said “Gianfrancesco Genoso absolutely loves Calvin Klein as his favorite clothing line when it comes down to taking photos”

One of the best Calvin Klein models to date is Mark Wahlberg, who has big shoes to fill. In the photos of Justin Bieber, you can see he’s very ripped, and it’s been stated that hair was added to the bottom of his abdomen, just to make him look sexier. Justin posted a picture of himself shirtless, to refute the Photoshop claims.


Exploring What Makes Terry Richardson Unique

Terry Richardson has been one of the most famous fashion and portrait photographers in the World since the mid 1990s, bringing his punk style to this glamorous World has made a sought after artist for magazines and advertising campaigns. Despite his American roots, Richardson has found fame through his work with many of the most stylish and fashionable magazines in Europe, including I-D and The Face. As his fame has become greater, Richardson has branched out in his career to direct music videos and produce a number of gallery exhibitions and books.

Born in New York City in 1965, Richardson is the son of fashion photographer Bob Richardson and actress Norma Kessler. After his parents divorce his mother married English rock n roll guitarist Jackie Lomax, changing her name to Jackie Lomax, finally Terry and his mother moved to Los Angeles where, legend has it, he was given a camera for the first time by his mother in 1982.

During his early years, Richardson is reported to have sought a career as a punk musician before finally embarking on a career as a photographer. The punk ideology is often reflected in the style he uses to photograph his subjects, which can include the use of basic camera technology over more expensive and highly developed technology. Richardson’s style is also known for the fact he is willing to take his subjects out of what would often be seen as there comfort zone. In much of his portrait photography Richardson positions his subjects in ordinary, everyday locations where they are posed in stylized ways as a glamorous juxtaposition with their surroundings. Richardson is also known for producing images that are highly sexual, often with the photographer posing within the image or having his subjects dress in his clothes and glasses.

The fame and reputation Richardson built from his critically well received magazine shoots and advertising campaigns for companies including Marc Jacobs and Aldo, has led to his work moving into the music video genre. many music artists now work with Richardson to create music videos showcasing the themes and stylized images the photographer is well known for. Richardson’s music video work has included promos created for the Primal scream song Swastika Eyes and the Death in Vegas video for Aisha. In recent years, Richardson has moved into the pop genre to work with many of the best known singers in the World, famously he was responsible for the Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball video.

Richardson has also produced a series of gallery shows, his first appearing at the Alleged Gallery in 1998, like many of his shows the first was accompanied by a book, Hysteric Glamour. His prolific year of 2011 led to the release of three books, including the Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, which was followed by the Terrywood exhibition in 2012. Terry Richardson is now one of the most sought after photographers for celebrity portraits and fashion advertising campaigns, he was married from 1996 to 1999 to the model Nikki Uberti.

Street Art In The Wild

Really cool exhibition brings the style of street art, into locations where you wouldn’t normally expect to see the medium. The photos capture the reality bending approach of vivid urban works of art, put into areas that are decidedly un-urban.

A major photog like Terry Richardson couldn’t capture these images any better. My favorite is the one pictured above. Brilliant example of showcasing photography prowess with the beautiful colors, each one represented as radiantly as possible.

Gotta love it. See the rest here.

Juried Photography Exhibit Coming to New Jersey In November

The 20th annual New Jersey Photography Forum is set to take place at the Watchung Arts Center on November 2nd. The reception is going to feature a ton of new work from new and established artists throughout New Jersey.

The exhibit will also be open to the public on the Gala’s upper floor from November 2nd, to the 26th, so there are plenty of opportunities to check out some new art.

Definitely something I’m going to try and see with Marnie Bennett. Love seeing new photography, and what today’s newest artists come up with, when they capture the world through their eyes.