The Success of Bernardo Chua

One of the most prominent and globally expanding coffee companies in the world is currently Organo Gold which was started in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Mr. Chua is a Filipino businessman who has spread his product around the world under the premise of promoting healthy living. Bernardo Chua is not only a savvy businessman, but is also well-versed in multilevel marketing. He has been able to use his experience to build Organo gold and to create a special product that is base upon a secret ingredient that has never been used before in the creation of Western products. With Bernardo Chua’s mind for business and his team of experts, Mr. Chua’s mission to promote healthy living will be unstoppable.

Bernardo Chua takes pride in his company and his product and has been able to spread his product on a global scale. Organo Gold was even one of the main sponsors for the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight that took place in 2015. With the increase success of this product, millions of consumers are now calling Organo Gold their number one choice when consuming a coffee in the morning. Organo Gold coffee has been scientifically proven to provide numerous health benefits upon consumption thanks to the secret ingredient that has been incorporated with the product.

The secret to Mr. Chua and his company’s success is the incorporation of Ganoderma, an ancient Chinese fungus that has been used to cure multiple different ailments over the time-span of thousands of years. Ganoderma has been scientifically proven to promote weight loss, boost the immune system, energize the mind, as well as improve overall sleep cycles. Ganoderma, in addition to the many healthy benefits provided, Ganoderma even has a delicious taste that has not gone unnoticed by consumers. The expert team at Organo Gold has been wholeheartedly selling this product with the true interest to improve people’s lives.

Organo Gold, in recent news, has expanded its brand into Turkey. The new expansion marks Organo Gold’s 39th country that it is now involved with. Bernardo Chua and his team are excited to become involved with Turkey and its population because Turkey is the country that is known for some of the best tasting coffee products in the world. Organo Gold is excited to have new buyers added that will continue to help with their mission. This global gourmet company has many plans in the future when it comes to future expansion.

Why George Soros Believes the Current Debt-Fueled China’s Growth resembles U.S. in 2007-08

Billionaire George Soros has made another claim that the China’s debt-fueled economy shows the same characteristics as the one experienced by the U.S. in 2007-08 before the build-up led to the financial crisis and global recession on. According to Soros, the China’s credit growth figures should only be seen as warning signs of an economic problem that would eventually affect the world economy. Bloomberg projected that the credit growth would be 1.4 trillion yuan, but instead, the credit hit 2.34 trillion yuan last month. These numbers are significant because they show that China is prioritizing growth instead of controlling the level of debt.

Due to these remarks on, George Soros has been involved in a war of words with the Chinese government. George Soros has even revealed in the World Economic Forum in Davos that he has already placed a bet against the Asian currencies because it will be hard for China to avoid a hard landing. The state media of China, Xinhua news agency instead brushed off his prediction and said that Soros had made similar assertions in the past. Soros bases his claims on the fact that China’s banking system on has more loans than deposit.

As the economy of China thrives banks lend to each other leading to additional source of uncertainty and instability. However, due to the recent Chinese government intervention, the problem has been deferred for at least another year or two although still growing at an exponential rate. March has been the month that has seen the China’s economy surge in credit market that has led the property sector to rebound. The values of the house market have soared with some of the cities such as Shenzhen saw its home prices rise by 62 percent in a year.

George Soros believes that the real-estate bubble in China may stay under control at least for now as it happened in the U.S. in 2005 and 2006. However, the situation will change later when it is unexpected. Soros believes that it is better for China to slow down more than it is right now. George Soros believes that Chinese government has not done enough regarding structural reforms. For this reasons, Soros has warned of 2008 like financial crisis that could once again derail the world economy.

George Soros is a successful business person who is currently the chairperson of Soros Fund Management. It is not the first time he has made similar claims. He recently associated the Greece debt crisis as more serious than it was thought. He also made similar claims to China saying that the current currency devaluation and the strategy by the Chinese government to find a new growth model was transferring problems to the rest of the world. Soros is one of the pioneers of the hedge-fund industry, donor, and a writer of several books about finance.

Queens of Drama | A Review that Elicits Nostalgia

You may or may not be familiar with Crystal Hunt but you’ll know most of what she’s appeared in. In fact all of the actresses in the Queens of Drama have one thing in common with her. Let’s leave you hanging for a moment shall we? Crystal started her career playing the troubled teen Lizzie Spalding for the Emmy award winning TV daytime Soap Opera, Guiding Light.

She was also in the Derby Stallion which was a family style movie, and is exceedingly popular with Ms. Hunt’s Facebook fans. She also starred in Syndey White which was the beginning of the end of her daytime soap career until 2009 where she was cast as a stripper on One Life to Live. So, what does she have in common with the other co stars on Queens of Drama? They are all old time soap stars and some of them are still going.  In fact, you can see Crystal has done a ton of soap opera work from her YouTube reel.

The Review

First, it was somewhat impressive that you didn’t need to know exactly who the actresses were and what exact role they played on daytime TV. They are boxed up neatly into specific types which marry them in pairs to play the parts they are already great at playing and that is catty bitches with one another. If you are a drama queen yourself or a Jerry Springer and reality show type fan then this is right up your ally.

The one clever thing the did do was schedule the show to air right behind the daytime Emmy awards. This should create an air of excitement for the curious but unfamiliar. So to get you to better understand what’s going on in brief. You are watching a show about them trying to create a show at a network but you are actually watching the show. If that’s confusing, you’ll get it in the first 15 minutes of watching and for this alone it’s worth it.

The appearance of Donna Mills by Vanessa Marcil is what start the irritating build up that sets the stage for show one. When Mills brings Hunter Tylo in secret to the mix then the irritation turns to severe vexation and a meeting with CBS is called. Slowly but surely the catty remarks start in, at first in a controlled nature but then the fur starts to fly as the queens express their utter dismay at the betrayal because they were not first consulted with about the inclusion of these outsiders.  See a different side of Crystal Hunt and the girls in this radio interview.

In Order to Live is the Incredible Story of a Young Girl

Yeonmi Park has made headlines around the world because of her escape from the oppressive regime of North Korea. Today Yeonmi lives in South Korea with her mother and her sister, where she also attends university. Escaping from North Korea has turned park into a celebrity and human rights activist. Yeonmi Park has appeared on The Reason TV, talk shows, co-hosted podcasts, written articles that have appeared in major publications including Daily Mail UK, and spoken about her ordeal every chance that she gets.

As a result of her fame she has written a book about her experiences in North Korea and the journey that she went in order to escape from the horrific conditions in this country. In Order to Live A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom is an Amazon released book which details the incredible story of Yeonmi Park’s life. This 22 year old girl has been through more in her short life than most people will go through in their entire life.

Yeonmi’s story begins when she was a young girl living with her parents and her sister in North Korea. Her family was lucky compared to many because they were favored by the government, but they still faced numerous hardships and barely had enough to eat. Yeonmi and her family decided to escape from North Korea after her father became a political prisoner. Escape was not easy for her and her family despite all of their connections.

When she was 13, Yeonmi Park crossed the river with her mother, into China. Although China was safer than North Korea, they were political refugees and escapees, and were treated very badly by the people who helped them get out of North Korea. They were forced into sexual servitude and otherwise abused. During this time, Park’s father died from cancer. Despite all the difficulties they faced, Park and her mother eventually made it to South Korea where they were reunited with her sister.

Park’s book is the recount of this incredible tale, and gives readers insight into the hardships she faced and how she was able to overcome them. It is an important insight and a must read for anyone who wants to know what life in North Korea is truly like. This remarkable book is available for purchase on Amazon.





Kyle Bass’ Unethical Investment Strategies and Negative Publicity

One of the things that make an investment advisor successful is his or her ability to study the market well, make correct prediction and observe ethics in his deals. Any investment personnel must have a successful track record, professional ethics and be able to grow funds for them to be considered professionals.

Kyle Bass is one investment professional who serves as an epitome of poor decision making, unethical behaviors and failure. He was lucky back in 2006 when he was able to make a correct prediction about the 2008 global economic crisis. However, his fifteen minutes of fame didn’t last wrong as he started making one poor decision after another.

One of the big failures of his career is his affiliation to the former Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner who brought the economy of her country to a complete stand still. Under her leadership, Argentina was unable to pay its holders for the second time an action which was despicable but Bass defended and rationalized with her poor economic policies and selfish moves that left the country poor. He failed further in his career when he openly declared on TV that accidents caused by General Motor cars (his investment) were due to the negligence of the dead victims yet the fatalities were caused by faulty systems in the vehicles.

One of the most unethical moves made by Bass is when he short sell stocks of some pharmaceutical companies and then went ahead to challenge their patents. This led the stocks of these companies to lose value and the prices of various important medicines to go up. This move made most patients to suffer and the companies affected lost any motivation of funding research. Bass confessed to being driven by lust for profit when Celgene filed a suit against him but was quickly to put a poor excuse that the pharmaceutical companies also lusted for profit and in his view there is no difference between the two parties.

Bass challenged the patents of pharmaceutical companies through a forum he had formed called Coalition for Affordable Drugs (CFDA) after short selling the stocks and this led to a lot of criticisms. Unfortunate for him, he lost the challenge and his failure was well publicized. The U.S. Patent and Trademark rejected to view the patent’s validity since the pharmaceutical industry was able to know of Bass’ motive of wanting to make money by lowering stock prices of the companies.

Kylie Bass is the founder of Hayman Capital Management a hedge fund firm that is based in Dallas. He founded the company in 2006 and despite the company having a successful start up, it got miserable and great down falls. Bass however, seems to be doing more TV interviews than gaining fund performance. He has received more negative publicity than success in the world of investments.

George Soros’ Idea to Bring in the Latino Voters This Fall


As we all know by now, Donald Trump is on a mission to be president this coming fall. It seems as if he will stop at nothing to make this happen. That’s why Latino leaders like George Soros are proposing a $15 million campaign to mobilize Latino voters and other immigrants.

Why are these Latino leaders so up in arms over the thought of Trump being our next president? Well, Trump has made it very clear that he is not a fan of immigrants being in our country. In fact, he wants to put up a wall around all of the borders so that anyone from a different country can’t get onto our soil.

With all these proposals and claims on Trump’s side, these leaders feel that the money will help gather up Latinos and immigrants and urge them just how important it is to get out and vote this election. Three of the states in particular that Soros is targeting are Nevada, Florida and Colorado. That’s because those states are homes to a huge Latino and Asian population.

Soros feels that by using this money to educate Latino and other immigrants on why they should vote and how to vote, these people can play a big part in the outcome. The money will also be used to sway these voters to the Democratic side. Soros isn’t just targeting those who are Republican, but those Democratic voters too. He wants to make sure that the individuals that associate with the Democratic party stay loyal and that those who normally vote red decide to cast their vote for the Democrats this time around.

As of now, there is no one definite Republican candidate. However, Trump is leading the way a lot. The other two candidates, Ted Cruz and Marcus Rubio, are so far behind him in the polls. These Latino leaders would rather fund millions of dollars than have Trump become our next president. As with the Republican party, there is no official Democratic candidate either. The two that are vying for the spot are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Many are predicting that Clinton will ultimately win that race,though.

It should be interesting to see whether or not Soros’ efforts make an actual difference. If Soros and other Latino leaders can truly reach this immigrant population and get them to come out to the polls in droves, the numbers may change out of Trump’s favor. Besides this, if Trump does actually win the presidency in November, will he actually go through on all his threats against the immigrant and Latino populations? Clearly this is a question that Soros, as well as countless others, do not want to ever think about.

George Soros Fears A Repeat Of The 2008 Economic Collapse Is Coming

Volatile markets and the failings of a dominant global economy are combining to bring the world to the brink of a global economic collapse reminiscent of that seen in 2008, Bloomberg reports George Soros has revealed on Bloomberg Business. The hedge fund icon has proven to be one of the most successful financial experts in history with a personal wealth estimated at over $27 billion, but Soros has recently found himself looking increasingly towards assisting the people of the world through his philanthropic activities.

Hungarian born George Soros has been taking a major interest in the effects on the planet of the recent refugee crisis in Europe, which he believes is being driven by Russian bombing in Syria. Soros is also a well known philanthropist who looks to bring the idea of democracy to the people of the world through his Open Society Foundations, which he created as a way of providing education to the people of South Africa during the Apartheid era.

George Soros believes the global economy could be lurching towards another slowdown that will prove more difficult to recover from than that seen in 2008. George Soros believes the major issue facing the global economy is that caused by China, as the country has been struggling to cope with changes seen within its financial markets. The rise to dominance of the Chinese economy occurred through its powerful investment and manufacturing sectors, recently the Chinese economy has seen the rise of the middle classes shift the focus of the economy to consumption and services. Soros believes Chinese officials are struggling to cope with these changing conditions, and believes that unless the economy of China is handled differently the global markets will continue to see worsening problems.

During the first months of 2016 the financial markets across the globe have seen a large amount of volatility pointing towards a coming meltdown. George Soros understands the way the markets work as his own hedge fund saw an average growth of 20 percent over the course of its life; the expert in the financial markets explains his belief that investors should be cautious in expanding their portfolio in the coming year as increasing financial problems will continue to be seen.

Olympic Valley Likely Not to be Incorporated

Earlier in 2015, the resort town of Olympic Village, California was facing the possibility of becoming an incorporated community however that is no longer likely to happen according to the story on RGJ Online. The news of failed incorporation is a cause for celebration for some and a disappointment to others.

Squaw Valley Resort, the popular ski resort, and its Chief Executive Officer Andy Wirth were some of the biggest opponents of the incorporation. Wirth felt that the incorporation would hurt the area. In his opinion the incorporation would hurt the area’s businesses, cause higher taxes for those who live in the area, and the level of public services would decrease.

Those who were in favor of the incorporation disagree with Wirth’s opinions. The incorporation would have brought in more real estate, both residential and commercial. They also suggested that Squaw Valley’s opposition was not entirely for the good of Olympic Valley. The iconic ski resort had plans to build a gondola system that would connect it to its sister resort Alpine Meadows. With no incorporation in place, Squaw Valley would not have to go through a town council to get approval for their plans.

Andy Wirth joined Squaw Valley Ski Holdings as CEO in 2010. Since he has taken the position, the company has undergone a multi-million dollar change which has greatly improved customer satisfaction. Wirth is a lover of extreme sports, including triathlons, marathons, skiing, and skydiving. In 2013, he suffered a tragic accident while skydiving. After a routine jump in Lodi, California, the winds shifted while he was mid-jump which caused him to miss his landing point. Instead of landing safely, Wirth instead came crashing down into a vineyard. On his way down, his right bicep was impaled on a fence post. Miraculously, Wirth was able to slow the bleeding and his arm was successfully reattached.

Zika Virus Becomes an Epidemic According to Dr. Sergio Cortes

The Zika virus, which has been an active disease since the early 1940s, has now increased to an epidemic status in various countries including Brazil, Uganda, and China. While these countries enjoyed a stretch of about seventy years of the Zika virus being relatively insignificant, the disease is now causing major problems around the globe. Dr. Sergio Cortes recently reported that the virus is transmitted through the bite of a specific breed of mosquito and can produce a wide range of symptoms including rash, fever, joint pain, and muscular discomfort. The virus can also have lasting effects on specific individuals. For example, pregnant mothers who are infected with the Zika virus are likely to give birth to infants with a rare brain condition in which the brain is abnormally small and the child is born with mental and physical deficits. The condition can even cause death in children diagnosed with it.
According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, research into the area of the Zika virus began when there was a sudden increase in the number of children who were being born with this neurological condition, commonly known as microcephaly. Cases of both microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome, another neurological disease, had greatly increased and medical professionals suspected a link to these diseases and the Zika virus. Blood testing was completed on thousands of patients including the mothers of the children born with these conditions and the results showed that nearly every patient tested positive either current or previous infection with the Zika virus.
After discovering that there was a definitive link between the Zika virus and serious neurological diseases that could possibly lead to death, medical professionals began to treat the virus with priority. The sheer volume of the cases of the Zika virus that were being confirmed daily was alarming to officials. The disease was officially labeled an epidemic after its rapid spread from its initial regions of south Africa and Asia to South America. Dr. Sergio Cortes states in his report that the medical condition in Brazil has deteriorated so much that the implemented protocols and warnings currently being given by the CDC is having a negative effect on Brazil’s tourist industry. The CDC has issued several warnings to travelers to use extreme precautions when traveling to countries that are hot zones for the Zika virus. Pregnant mothers or those who wish to become pregnant eventually have been warned to avoid outbreak areas completely. This epidemic has caused enormous problems all across the world with no sign of relief in the near future. For more information about the Zika virus or to read the original article which was published on Dr. Sergio Cortes’ official website, please visit his site here.

The Key to Success

CCMP Capital is a professional investment firm that serves the New York area. The former CEO Stephen Murray of CCMP Capital happened to be one of the topics at a business meeting the other day. The reasoning behind Stephen being brought up at our meeting is because of his high standards with investment firms and the knowledge that he holds on that particular career. All of us that attended the meeting are all specialized in accounting and investing, but we all lack the most important part of those two careers. Hands on experience. Each and every one of us are just starting out in an internship to see if we are suited for the positions we desire. If not, than it is try again next year.

This is personally my second time around in the internship and I do not plan to fail this time around. Mainly because I know the ropes of the program now and also I have done hours of research on Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. I know it may not seem huge to research another businessman, but someone with his knowledge is worth looking into. I literally researched everything down to his personal life and all the years he was CEO at CCMP Capital up until the day he resigned his position. I am in hopes that by using all of his resourceful information on investment firms and the business world will help me complete the program successfully this time around. This is one of the most important events of my life. It decides which route my life will take.

The first time around in the internship I was young and uninformed of the lifestyle of investors and accountants. Now after not only researching on pehub about Stephen Murray, but learning about him in a meeting, I have a pretty good understanding of how things are run at a firm. Not only do I have the knowledge now, but I am gaining my hands on experience for the second time around. If anything this will only help me in the long run for going through it not once, but twice. The CEO of this particular company is a very professional man and he’s personally friends with Mr. Murray. Thus, making him an ideal teacher for this internship program. I honestly could not think of a better person to be teaching the class other than Murray himself. When it comes down to learning what you “need” to know, you only want the best giving you the low down. It is the key to anyone’s success.