The Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge

Spark Tank, thought of by Marc Spark and Lynne Sipiora, is a rather ingenious idea when all of the thoughts and ideas that pertain to this movement are out in the open. They have brought to life the thought that social services executives can have such a bigger voice within their communities.

To understand what Spark Tank is about you first need to understand who Marc Spark is as a person. He isn’t just a brilliant entrepreneur businessman, but also a philanthropist, he volunteers his time with building houses for those in need and volunteering at homeless shelters, has worked with Habitat for Humanity and overall just gives back to his community by not just contributing money but contributing his time, strength, and patience to those around his Dallas, Texas area.

According to Goodreads, the Spark Tank was originally created by Marc Spark and Lynne Sipiora who had worked together when taking on a small homeless shelter 15 years ago. This shelter how feeds 200 people every day, while they also are in the process of building the first transitional living apartment complex in North Texas.

They have done many businesses together over the years which include a thrift store, and they are currently invested in restoring a family shelter that is costing an upwards of $7,000,000.

The idea behind Spark Tank is that social services executives that have a entrepreneurial spirit could help create a social success by presenting their ideas that could lead to a successful business. The program works through the online, with applications that are reviewed and three finalists that are chosen.  There are several rules that need to be followed to be qualified to win, as stated in :

“Applicants must be a 501C3 organization with a minimum of two years history. Human services, animal services, and the arts are all eligible to apply. National charities, United Way charities, political action committees (PACs) and faith based initiatives ARE NOT eligible. Faith based initiatives for nonreligious purposes ARE eligible” (Spark Tank: Social Innovation Challege. 2016).  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

You are able to apply today, with a drawing for thge winners as of October 1st. A rundown of the questions will be listed as you can choose between certain elegebility requirements when signing up, whether or not your organization is a 503c3 nonprofit organization, whether the request is a project that needs funding or a capital item that you need money to purchase equipment. Other questions include describing your organization, describing your request.

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