Human Rights Advocate Thor Halvorssen Explains His Stance on Socialism

During a recent interview with Fox News, the respected human rights advocate, Thor Halvorsen was asked about his perspective on the issue of socialism. Before answering the question directly, Halvorssen took a moment to restating the question with his definition of socialism.

He used the examples of how Norway, Denmark and Sweden are run to explain that separating constitutional rights from government branches and power can be a good thing. Several quickly pointed out that thsee were the same countries mentioned by Bernie Sanders. Ironically, a clip of Bernie Sanders speaking about how America could benefit from socialism reform was played before Halvorssen’s interview.

He also explained that socialism can be done in several different ways. He spoke out that he believed that if put in the wrong hands, such as an authorative government, socialism could hurt human rights.

To make his point, he drew off the example of the country of Venezuela. The country experienced a humanitarian crisis after the country’s price fixing backfired. Halvorssen is very knowledgeable about the crisis, After all, his father was a political prisoner in the troubled country.

Thor Halvorssen has built a reputation as a human rights advocate and has created several non profit organizations to further his mission. One of his organizations, New York’s Human Rights Foundation has helped protect many with its work of bring activists together for common goals.

Halvorssen has also used his stance to create several award winning films focusing on the crisis of child slavery.

His stance on socialism, as expressed during the Fox News interview, shows his understanding of how government affects the rights of individuals and his dedication to fighting for these rights.


Eric Pulier: A Man of Many Talents

There are truly some great individuals in the word. These very individuals have a lot for man-kind, but unfortunately most of these people won’t receive the credit that’s long overdue. Unlike celebrities, these special people aren’t really fighting for the lime light, but rather fighting for society. Eric Pulier is the perfect example of this as he’s just one of many that are a bit unsung. Pulier has a well known talent for implementing innovative technology to solve issues in certain fields of work. The Teaneck, New Jersey has always been creative since a young age. As a fourth grader he programmed his first computer and by high school, Pulier had already founded his first computer database company.

This brilliant individual attended the prestigious Harvard University where he majored in English/American Literature. During this time he wrote columns and was the editor of the Harvard Crimson Publication. As you can see, Pulier had strong ambitions which helped him standout amongst his peers. Being such a creative person he attended the prominent MIT. This future entrepreneur was on the fast track to success and in 1988, Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude. Did you know that Eric Pulier Has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charity as well as start-up companies? This guy has one of the biggest hearts imaginable as it shows through his line of work. Check out these stats for some of his business ventures.

  • Founder of FLY
  • Service mesh Inc. Co-Founder
  • XPRIZE Innovation Board Member
  • Media Platform Inc. Co-Founder/Director
  • Akana (software) CEO
  • U.S. Interactive Inc. Founder

The list is very impressive, but this is only a small fraction of his many achievements. Eric Pulier seems to have a hand in many things as he’s well known for his ingenuity. As of today this extraordinary person is a loving father of four, but Eric Pulier will continue to do great things for all of man-kind.

The Life and Career of Dick and Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is a reformer, who has been in charge of a variety of party organizations, campaigns, and political action committees, this including six years in which she served as chairman for the michigan republican party. The tendency of reforming runs in her family, as he husband Dick DeVos was a republican nominee for the governor of michigan in 2006. It is possible, that out of all the things that she pursues, she pursues for reform through many different nonprofit organizations, she is currently the chairman for the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, and many of her charitable interest are on a wide range. She is a member for several local and national boards, these include the Mars Hill Bible Church, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management located at the Kennedy Center, The Foundation of Excellence of Education and Kids Hope USA. However, it is possible that Mrs.DeVos is best known for her role as a leading advocate in the educational-choice movement. Along with this she serves as the chairman for the American Federation for Children (AFC), as well as the Alliance for School Choice. Recently, Philanthropy spoke to Mrs. DeVos in regards to her work with the educational reform in general and specifically the school choice. One of the things asked during the interview was what got Mrs. DeVos interested in the movement in the first place as the movement is now considered a radical movement, Mrs. DeVos responded that it was not just a single incident that drew her to the movement, and that it was more gradual. Other questions that were asked during the interview was how supporting one school had led her to think more broadly about education, how she had become more involved within the educational-choice movement and what had been some of her biggest success.

Betsy and Dick DeVos have been married for more than 30 years, have four children, two sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.  Dick DeVos graduated from Forest Hills Public Schools and Northwood University, and Betsy graduated from Holland Christian High School and Calvin College. Both are actively involved in their community specifically in The Windquest Group, which is a privately held investment manage firm that is Michigan based.