How James Dondero Became The Leader Of The Equity Market

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is one of the largest and most trusted companies responsible for alternative credit management, investment, and funding, globally, and has been growing since its foundation. We will talk about its co-founder and current President of the corporation, the businessman James Dondero.



Not everyone has the persistence and dedication of James Dondero, that now leads the equity market with over thirty years of experience. Highland Capital Management is an award-winning company that offers solutions for individuals looking to invest their capital, store it or gathers funding to grow their brand.



It all began in 1984 when James Dondero initiated his career as an analyst for the training program of Morgan Guaranty. He would graduate from his school of commerce in the same year, at the University of Virginia. Gathering experience and knowledge, he would soon plan on starting his own business and be a pioneer investor in what is called CLO: Collateralized Loan Obligation.



The executive won many awards during his Presidency of the Highland Capital, including Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation and #1 ranked Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund, both awards in 2014.



James became the Chief Investment Officer of a firm called Protective Life’s GIC. He managed to grow the team from startup to high standards in just five years of working with them. Among the occupations that the current President of Highland Capital had during his years of work, he also served as Director of NexBank SSB and MGM Holdings Inc. Today, in April 2017, James also holds the position of Independent Director of Jernigan Capital, Inc. and Chairman and President of the NexPoint Residential Trust, Inc. This multitude of offices means that he leads the equity market with a seat in more than three financial corporations.



  1. Dondero is known for making donations to institutions and non-profitable causes that he believes in. An example would be the Education Is Freedom organization that helps the youth get into college by offering monetary assistance to them. He also donated to the Perot Museum of Natural Science, increasing their funds to keep improving the exhibits and science teaching through demonstration to the younger generations, as well as the Dallas Zoo, helping the institution bring back hippos to the zoo’s animal collection.